7 Best Planetariums in the World


Space is the dark abyss with dotted adornments of light that stands above us like a marvel yet to be explored. A common desire of every human would be to go on an expedition to the depths of that infinite realm. Although resources are insufficient to make that dream true, many centres across the globe have simulated the experience of floating through space. Planetariums have been set up to take people on a ride through the galaxies and milky ways. Some premium planetariums have been built in many parts of the world to familiarize the people with space. What makes it different from normal stargazing is the immersive experience that it offers. Here are some of the best planetariums that you can find while travelling the world.

1.      Morrison Planetarium (San Francisco, California)

Morrison is situated in the Golden Gate Park and is the roomiest all-digital planetarium in the world with its seventy-five-foot dome. Every star that appears on display closely resembles the stars that you see in the real world. The dome of Morrison has been constructed at an inclination of thirty degrees to simulate the earth’s tilt.

2.      Galileo Galilei Planetarium (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Galileo Galilei Planetarium that has its dome in the shape of a spacecraft is situated in the Parque Tres de Febrero. Features that make this place unique and popular are space rock and metallic meteorite.

3.      H.R. MacMillan Space Center (Vancouver, Canada)

The space center is a museum that includes an observatory, a planetarium theater, and a space for exhibition. Movies about space and planets are played in the theater to educate the guests more about the science that gave birth to these wonders. It is for the movie “The Sky Tonight” that most people visit H.R. MacMillan Space Center.

4.      Burke Baker Planetarium (Houston, Texas)

The highest number of votes for a ‘must-visit planetarium’ would fall for the Burke Baker because this is the spot where all the space shuttle astronauts are trained for identification of star fields. SkySkan  DigitalSky starfield projector has been installed here, which is the most advanced simulator in the world.

5.      Nagoya City Science Museum Planetarium (Nagoya City, Japan)

With a dome height of about 115 foot, the planetarium at the Nagoya City Science Museum is the largest in the world. The reclining seats and excellent surround sound system enhances the experience to shoot you right into space.

6.      L’Hemisferic (Valencia, Spain)

Situated at the center of the City of Arts and Sciences Center, L’Hemisferic has a streamlined design that resembles a human eye surrounded by a blue pool of joyous tears.

7.      Hayden Planetarium (New York City, New York)

The American Museum of Natural History houses the Hayden Planetarium which has two theaters. The Star Theater offers the guests with a guided tour through the majestic solar system, and in the Big Bang Theater, they can learn more about the universe from the videos that expound the working of the starry kingdom.

7 Best Planetariums in the World

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